Sunday, February 22, 2009

Landon's Mission Call

Being at BYU was the best influence for Landon spiritually. He was around good kids, with good values and goals. He was able to decide then that he did want to go on a mission, and started working towards that goal. It was with great anticipation and elation that he got his call February 2009. Several of his friends gathered at his apartment to watch him open it, then our family joined in on a conference call. Tanya even had her entire class pick a spot on the world map, covering every inch; all waiting anxiously to hear where he'd been called to. It was hard keeping all of quite, but as Landon read the words he started to break down and cry, which made us all tear up. Drum roll please.....Elder Matthew Landon Ball was called to the Mexico, Culican mission. He reports the the MTC June 17, 2009.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Landon's Hockey

Landon has been fortunate enough to play hockey with some great teams in California and Maine. However, when the chance presented itself to play at BYU hockey he jumped at the opportunity. Being on of the youngest on the team he brought a lot of heart, stamina, and energy. He also brought his fire. BYU has a policy of no fighting, which is practically unheard of collegiate and professional hockey. Landon was known as the one with the temper on his team, but really he said," hockey's about intimidation and if you let the other team push you around, eventually nothing will keep them from walking all over you. You have to step up, be a man, and stand your ground!" Everyone in our family tried to catch as many games as were possible, and even tuned in when they were broadcasted on t.v. We love watching Landon play hockey! We're all so dramatic and boisterous, we really get into games, and are awesome to have on the sidelines cheering! One of my favorite quotes from son, was about his jersey number. Ever since he was little he's always been #17. When asked why that number he responded by saying, "That when he was a famous hockey player, others could look back at his hockey career and also know that #17 was sonomous with Landon Ball." This is like Wayne Gretzski, when he retired, they retired his jersey number along with him. Keep it up son!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Madison's Baptism

Our baby turned eight years old August 31, 2008. She doesn't act like the baby at all, she has the wisdom and calmness of a person 40 years her senior. She definitely was the Ball Family's calming factor, our little peace maker. Everyone came home for her special day and birthday weekend extravaganza. The weekend started off with a hula swim party with all of her closest friends. Everyone got to dress up, learn a hula, get thrown in the pool by papa, the proud lifeguard on duty, then eat a lot of great bar-b-q, prepared by B and Jared (B's beau). Lindsay made a hula cake at Mattie's request, then we all helped her open her presents. That evening we headed down to the Hollywood Bowl, which is one of our favorite family traditions. Mom made her famous chicken croissant sandwiches along with all of our staple treats and snacks. The next day was Sunday and even though the ward has pretty much stopped doing Baptisms on this day, they made an exception since we were all in town just for this short period. Mom and Nicholas gave wonderful talks, the Bishop spoke, Juji bore her testimony, and Brittany sang. Then Landon got to Baptize her, his very first time baptizing anyone, which was so special. Dad then confirmed her and everyone showered her with loves. It was an amazing weekend, it was great to all be together celebrating Madison's life.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nicholas & Jordan's Wedding

Jordan married her high school sweetheart Nicholas Olsen June 7, 2008. The days before their wedding were spent preparing for the festivities. Everyone joined in making candied almonds, grating cheese, picking up flowers at the L.A. flower market, etc. A family dinner was held at the Olsen's the night before the big day. It was beautifully catered and gave the families a chance to really mingle and enjoy one another. They were sealed for time and all eternity in the Newport Beach temple which was so beautiful. A family member on Nick's side was able to perform their ceremony which made it that much more personal and special. After the sealing, everyone stayed for pictures on the grounds then made the long trek back to West Hills; which with traffic took almost 3 hours. So getting back was a mad dash. The reception was going to be by the pool at the Olsen's home. Everything looked amazing, thanks to our adopted Aunt Becky (mom's little brother's girlfriend). She does weddings professionally, so we were able to capitalize on her talents for this special date. Grandma and Grandpa Behunin even made the trip up from Denver Colorado, which said a lot since Grandpa hadn't been feeling well. The happy couple had a great reception. The best part, besides the bride and groom, had to be the slush bar that Landon and Andy manned down the entire night. It was a major success not just because of the heat, but the ladies loved the men whipping up their drinks, it was too cute! It was an emotional send off, but happy times since they were headed off to Hawaii!

Brittany's Vegas Adventures

Brittany has been busy in Las Vegas studying English and managing the house in Henderson. With here she took along Gus-Gus and Otis, her two Chinese Pugs. They're hilarious! Neither of them can breath very well, and there's definitely not a lot going on up stairs, if you know what I mean. She had to adjust to the killer temps, dry air, and outrageous airconditioner bills, but overall she's done great and really enjoyed being there. It was hard for her to move out of mom and dad's house and leave behind all of her piano students, that she built from the ground up, but in the end it was worth it for her to finally be on her own. Ironically after moving to Vegas she started dating a boy from Medera California, so most weekends you can find her driving up to see him. She graduates in May of 2008 and plans on getting her Masters degree along with her teaching credentials.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Andy & Lindsay's Wedding

Lindsay the oldest Ball child married her long time sweetheart Andrew Louis Rice on June 30, 2007 in Ogden Utah. The ceremony and reception were held at an old Eccles Mansion. They were married by Bishop Jensen, one of Lindsay's coworkers fathers. All of her siblings were a part of the receiving line. Brittany, Jordan and Regan were bridesmaids while Madison was the flower girl. Plus Landon was one of the groomsmen. Everything went off without a hitch, except for the heat! It was one of the hottest days of that summer. Everyone was sweating and B almost fainted! It was great to have the whole family together, most of the Behunin's, mom's side of the family came and a few of the Ball's from dad's side were there as well. The food was great and the music was a great addition; us Ball's really love to get down and boogie!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Looking Back...

So many great things have happened to our family. And we have so much to be grateful for! We'll be playing catchup for a while trying to fill everyone in on what's been going on with the Ball Branch. From mom's teaching, to dad's writing and working, to Lindsay and Jordan getting married, to Madison's Baptism, to Regan's dance accomplishments, to Brittany's Vegas adventures then on to Landon's hockey and soon to come mission call. There's tons of stuff to blog about so get ready because this BALL is gonna keep on rolling!